Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas at IBM

I should have written this post about 2 weeks ago but I think never too late. This christmas at work differs a bit from the previous two years, coz this is the first year I (or We as the old Maersk Data folks) am with IBM. At the start of the month I was quite a bit disappointed. The huge christmas trees we used to have, which were about 3 floors tall (really, they were the biggest indoor christmas trees I have seen), were shrinked into a few feets in height. I do not need to squeeze pass the reception hall to avoid walking into the tree anymore. Well, I treated it as environment friendliness to use a smaller tree. While I was thinking I might not be getting any christmas present from work this year, my thought turned into a little surprise. There were two different kinds of boxes: Mediterranean style spices and Japanese style seasoning. I got a Mediterranean one, but since both Brian and I don't drink wine and I am not really a fan of Mediterranean food, I swapped with Anders for a Jap box.
It is quite nice, with quite a few different bottles of seasoning, rice, wasabi beans, 4 big bottles of Jap beers, green tea and a nice looking cook book (in danish...) It even contains a couple pairs of chopsticks, seems to fit us well. I know it is not nice to compare I just cannot help it, compare to what we used to get, the boxes shrinked too.

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